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 The European Vintage Star Wars Collectors Archive
Last update Feb 02 2013

When the first Star Wars movie "A New Hope" came to the cinemas in 1977 a unprecedented merchandising campaign begun. Also in Europe masses of Star Wars related toys, memorabilia, and other bibelot were released. For collectors of these items the forein to US logos and packaging are quite interesting, also products were released here in Europe that were not sold in the USA. So with this archive I'm trying to show the most interesting or unusual European Star Wars related products from 1977 to 1985 and I try to give an overview on the available items. This can not be complete of course and if anybody wants to correct or contribute something please email me.

I have about 175 pictures for the vintage section and I'm working on arranging them. The German section is just a preview.


Krieg der Sterne

In Germany there were no Kenner action-figures or toys with "Krieg der Sterne / Star Wars" packaging. But other items exist with this logo:

Kenner toys related

Krieg der Sterne Kenner figures case/display, scarce
Star Wars figures with German sticker PREISREDUZIERUNG
German Kenner catalog with prototype figures
German Kenner dealers catalog with prototype figures
German Kenner 1978 toy catalog again with the prototype figures
X-Wing Instructions in German
Land of Jawas Instructions in German
Tie Fighter Instructions in German
Model-Kits from Kenner (!) with German names. Those kits were distributed in other countries under the mpc-brand.
Model Kit "Luke Skywalker X-Flügeljäger"
Model Kit "Darth Vader Tie-Jäger"
Model Kit "R2-D2 (Erzwo - Dezwo)"
Model Kit "C-3PO (Cee - Drei Peo)"
Mini Puzzles, display box and puzzles from the German Kenner catalog
Mini Puzzles, display box
Mini Puzzles, all 12 different puzzles
Cinevue Movie-Cartridge-Viewer, German edition
Rubbelbilder (Presto Magic)
Poster, sold rolled in German toy stores

Das Imperium schlägt zurück

There are 45 confirmed "The Empire Strikes Back" figures by the German distributor General Mills Inc. with German writing on the 45-back cardback.

Kenner Toys

German ESB Kenner dealers catalog
German carded ESB 45-back General Mills figures with list of all figures
Palitoy ESB Figures with German General Mill sticker
The Empire Strikes Back Kenner figures case/display, scarce
Lighted Darth Vader Bust with figures rack (store display)


Kenner Postcard (Darth Vader)

Die Rückkehr der Jedi-Ritter

Similar to the USA "The Return of the Jedi" was first announced "The Revenge of the Jedi" in Germany, too. It was called "Die Rache der Jedi-Ritter". There exist some ads with this title:


"Die Rache der Jedi-Ritter" Booklet
"Die Rache der Jedi-Ritter" Ad/Poster
Here are the "real" Return of the Jedi items:

Kenner Toys

German carded ROTJ 45-back General Mills figures with list of confirmed figures (scroll down)
ROTJ figures with German General Mills stickers
ROTJ 4-Pack of carded figures "Sammler Sonderangebot"
X-Wing, battledamaged, European variation without sound
MLC-3, German instructions
YPS Comic Book # 510 with Kenner Snowtrooper titled "Der Stormtrooper des Imperiums"


ROTJ Store Display
ROTJ contest flyer and display
ROTJ Store Hanger Star Wars Preisausschreiben
Kenner Display, Nuremberg Toy Fair 1983
Store Displays and Shelves, from 1983 dealer catalog

Kenner advertising in comic books, size DIN A4

1 Ssssccch (Speeder Bike)
2 Uaahhh (Rancor)
3 Swaaawa (Jabba)
4 Jiipeehh (Ewoks)
5 Rrramram (AT-ST)
6 Ffftthhh (X-Wings)
7 Wrroomm (Falcon)


Radioplay Star Wars Cassette and Book, Remus
Radioplay SW/ESB/ROTJ Books, Remus
ROTJ Movie Flyer
ROTJ Hengstenberg Mustard Glases
Oral B Toothbrush, C-3PO and R2-D2 package
Pins with display box
Pencil Tops case
Pencil Tops MIB
5 small, green Yupi Figures, from Colombia

Die Kraft der Macht

German "The Power of the Force" items are scarce. There exist multi-packs with "Die Kraft der Macht" logo:


German exclusive "Die Kraft der Macht" Parker multi-packs
Playpacks with tri-logo "Die Kraft der Macht": Endor Chase, Ewok Combat, Hoth Rescue
Vehicles (Body Rigs) with tri-logo "Die Kraft der Macht": Imperial Sniper, One-Man Sand Skimmer, Security Scout


R2-D2 Droids Video Display