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 The European Star Wars Special Edition Collectors Archive
This page is under construction!

Starting in 1995 with the release of the Special Edition of Star Wars the toy line and the merchandising were reactivated. The former Kenner toys were now from Hasbro/Kenner and the line was titled "Power of the Force" like the toy line from 1985. The action figures got a new sculpting, also many new figures were made that were not available in the early years. Many of the action figure's vehicles are quite similar to the old ones, just with new sounds and light and other painting. This archive shows special edition products from Europe and their special packaging.

I have about 120 pictures for the Special Edition section and I'm working on arranging them. Here is just a small preview.

Tombola Display Box for all figures and ships, Spain
Photobook with Micro Machine Offer, France
Offer for a free Han Stormtrooper, France
Store Display, Germany
Vader Promotion Stand-up, for Micro Machines, Germany
Store Display, for Walkers Chips, Great Britain
Galaxy Empire bootleg figures, Scottland