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 Spain Conventions Special
In Spain there are a lot of Star Wars fans. Among other great pictures Miguel Ángel Domínguez Reyes sent me pictures of two conventions that were held in Madrid. These first shots are for the 1997 celebration for the release of the Star Wars Special Edition:

swolf07a.jpg swolf07b.jpg swolf08a.jpg swolf08b.jpg
swolf09a.jpg swolf09b.jpg swolf11a.jpg swolf11b.jpg

Here are pictures that Marino Arribas took from Pepe's convention, 22 and 23 November 1997:

conv1.jpg conv2.jpg conv3.jpg conv4.jpg

The next pictures are from David Gonzalez´s convention, October 1998. As you can see they have built great custom displays for the toys and the other stuff:

swolf101a.jpg swolf101b.jpg swolf102a.jpg swolf102b.jpg
swolf103a.jpg swolf103b.jpg swolf104a.jpg swolf104b.jpg
swolf105a.jpg swolf105b.jpg swolf106a.jpg swolf106b.jpg