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  Science Fiction in Deutschland, Haus der Geschichte der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, Bonn, Nov 2012 -
 Science Fiction in Germany, House of History of Federal Republic of Germany, Bonn, Nov 2012
by Wolfgang Schloegl, 2012 ( E-Mail )

Renowned museum "House of History of Federal Republic of Germany" in the former Germany capital Bonn hosts an exhibit about science fiction as part of German history from November 2012 to March 2013: Science Fiction in Germany. The exhibit traces the development of modern science fiction - especially in Germany - in literature and cinema in the 20st century. But also some international productions are covered. The influence of science fiction on many areas of everyday life like design, fashion, or toys becomes clear.

Shown are exhibits related to German science fiction like Metropolis, Perry Rodan, or Raumpatrouille Orion. Star Wars is not German of course but they could definitely not ignore it. So they decided to have a small show about Star Wars and its influence on media and the public, mainly at the example of the character Darth Vader. During their researches they found Raumhafen.de on the web and asked me if I could provide some items for a small Germany Star Wars section. The first intention was to show a couple of more uncommen German packed toys. At the end only two "Krieg der Sterne" items and my German ESB Darth Vader made it to the show.

Below you'll find picture of the opening on Nov 22 2012. They also had German sifi author Andreas Eschbach to give an entertaining speach about the topic.
My family and friends are thinking a bit different of my SW collecting now, officially being part of German history. :-)

• Official exhibit information (German)
• Official press pictures (German)

When I saw the 1926/27 picture of Brigitte Helm as Maria on the set of Metropolis I though this should be the great-grandmother of C-3PO. My comparison above.

Official introduction: Science Fiction in Germany

What will the future look like? Science fiction addresses this question. With an irrepressible faith in progress, it emerges in the Iate 19th century as a fascinating topic in Iiterature and film.

Science fiction paints bold pictures of technical and scientific development, usually in an entertaining way. Encounters with the unknown satisfy curiosity, but can also be disturbing.

Addressing questions of the future opens our eyes to the problems of today. Current events and science fiction are mutually influential. Works of science fiction deal with the fears and hopes of the atomic age, the space race between the superpowers and the possible consequences of environmental destruction.

The greater the entertainment element, the bigger the fan communities. Modern space fairy tales Iike "Star Wars" use exciting new special effects. But their economic success is also due to their global marketing strategy. Have science fiction's dreams of a better future been overtaken by reality?

sf_hdg_01.jpg sf_hdg_02.jpg sf_hdg_03.jpg sf_hdg_04.jpg
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