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In the 1994 German Tyco/Matchbox dealers catalog the Space Aliens were announced as a new series of M.I.M.P. To my knowledge Space Aliens were later yet only released in the UK.

The Space Aliens have heat sensitive pannels on their backs which when you heat them, tell you the point value and also tell you whether the aliens are good or bad (Good alies have a pictue of a sword through a sun, bad aliens have a skull and cross bones). Space Aliens are made of hard rubber.

Here's a list of the Space Aliens:

169.Space Dinosaurgood500 points
170.Floyd the Androidgood300 points
171.Blaster of the Universegood275 points
172.Full Moon Freakgood250 points
173.Nova Scorchergood225 points
174.Jumbo Jupiter Junkeatergood200 points
175.Laser Blastergood175 points
176.Asteroid Attack Androidgood150 points
177.Venus Booby Trapperbad500 points
178.Creature from the Black Holebad300 points
179.Meteor Monsterbad275 points
180.Star Scorpianbad250 points
181.Saturn Scumsuckerbad225 points
182.Sun Poisoner bad200 points
183.Martian Maniacbad175 points
184.Radioactive Uranian Rodentbad150 points

16 different Space Aliens were available in single packs with a fact card, in 4-packs, and in 12-packs. Unlike the colors of the figures in the ad, reported colors of the Space Aliens are: blue, lime green, neon green, neon pink, neon orange. All figures have painted areas mainly weapons painted silver. The figures in the ad might be prototyps and therefore they have different colors.

Here are pictures of some packs:

Series 8 4-packs (UK)

Series 8 12-pack (UK)

Release info by Mark Daffin.

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