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Series 4 monsters #97-101 came in two "glowing in the dark" colors: green, yellow.

Series 4 monsters #102-120 came in four colors: green, yellow, orange, purple.
These came in two types of plastic, one softer (like e.g. Series 1), one harder. The harder figures are more uncommon.

All figures now had painted details. But an uncommon variation has turned up in the UK, some figures without painting. Found were a yellow 104-Lamia, a purple 111-Drude, a yellow 113-Alu, a purple 106-Creature from the Closet, and a orange 108-Jenny Greenteeth.

The Series 4 monsters were available in 6-packs and 12-pack display cases. The two different 12-packs in the USA included all Series 4 monsters. In Europe both 12-packs included #103-Dybbuk where he is at the place of #99-Hanuman in one pack. Note that #99-Hanuman is also not shown on the Series 4 in-pack list in Europe. He was probably removed because of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad taking offense at the inclusion of Hindu deities as monsters. (Info by Scott Andrew Hutchins)

Here are pictures of some packs:

Series 4 6-pack (Europe)

Series 4 12-pack 1 (Europe)

Series 4 12-pack 2 (Europe)

Series 4 12-pack 1 (US)

Series 4 12-pack 2 (US)

See also Scott Andrew Hutchins's Figures Packaging Guide.


97. Charun
98. Thunderdell
99. Hanuman
100. Yama
101. Ghilan
102. Astaroth
103. Dybbuk
104. Lamia
105. Grave Watcher
106. Creature from the Closet
107. Slaughterford
108. Jenny Greenteeth
109. Houngan
110. Mad Gasser of Mattoon
111. Drude
112. Boogeyman
113. Alu
114. Fachen
115. Jersey Devil
116. Wurdulac
117. Poltergeist
118. Umi Bozu
119. Wildman of China
120. Imp

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