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On the back of the later Series 1 "Secret 12-Pack" (US) was an ad for a special Series 1 monster which was included randomly in the packs. This could be identified with a star on its back instead of a point value. Here is the text from the ad:

Keep your eyes peeled!
And win a mystery grab bag of Monster In My Pocket toys!
Hidden in one of every 10.000 Matchbox Monster In My Pocket packages, is a secret monster which has a special star branded on its back (*) instead of the usual point value. If you capture it, send it to the address below and well return it with your Mystery Grab Bag of Monster In My Pocket toys retail valued at over $50!

Nathan Horne sent me some interesting new information in 2011. Prima Toys who released MIMP in South Africa had some more details about the "Star Offer" on a leaflet stating that the secret monster is a Jotun Troll with a star on its back. (The leaflet had playing instructions in English and Afrikaans.) So check your Trolls.

Although I stopped collecting MIMP finally a Star Monster find was reported to me in December 2020 by Ashley from Australia. It was indeed a Jotun Troll. Ashley told me he has had the figure since a child, purchased in Australia. And he sent me these nice pictures to share:

If someone finds another one, perhaps you can let me know :-) ( E-Mail )

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