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Those guys were available as cereal premium with Kellogg's Frosties in 1996 in the UK.

Kellogg's Frosties box front and back, 1996 UK, Monster Sport Stars In My Pocket


Set A
A1 Slam Dunk
A2 Full Back Drac
A3 Angry Oddity
A4 Scrundown
Set B
B1 Completely Batty
B2 Spooky Sprinter
B3 Werewolf Slugger
B4 Tony The Referee
Set C
C1 The Big Dipper
C2 Abominable Snowboarder
C3 Hard Puck
C4 Howlin One

From the Kellogg's Frosties pack:

You'll have great fun with these sets of "Monster Sport Stars"... the very latest from the "Monster in my Pocket" range.

Each set gives you four sporting characters and 12 "super-stars" are exclusive to Kellogg's, and are not available in the shops!

All you have to do is to start collecting this "deadly dozen" is save tokens from special packers of FROSTIES. You'll find 4 tokens on the 1kg packs, 3 on the 750g size, 2 on the 500g and 1 on the 375g size.

Each set of four is then yours FREE in exchange for 8 tokens.

So start saving tokens now and send them to the address shown, together with 20p towards postage.

... one moster from Set A or Set B can be found in special packets of 750g and 1kg packets of Kellogg's Frosties. Look out for the special packets.

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