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The Decipher M.I.M.P. Board Game (1991) came with four Series 1 figures in exclusive colors. Cyan, orange and magenta look very similar to the Series 2 colors, the dark green is exclusive to figures from the Decipher Board Game. Reported assortments are:

cyan Behemoth, orange Triton, dark green Tengu, magenta Kraken

purple (?) Behemoth, orange Griffin , dark green Tengu, magenta Kraken

dark green Behemoth, magenta Triton, cyan Tengu, orange Kraken

The object is to win the most battles in four different environments - the Volcano Pit, Swamp, Ice Cave and New York. Game comes with box, gameboard, spinner, 4 collector's monster figures, 48 monster cards and rules.

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