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This is a table advertisement for the 1992 Big Boy's Halloween Special, from about the time the M.I.M.P. cartoon aired. Big Boy's, a restaurant, gave out a Monster In My Pocket "Monster Pack" which was a little paper package with the M.I.M.P. logo on the front and a picture of the 4 good monsters from the cartooon coming out of a pocket that says "Secret Monster -Pack-" on it. Around the outer edges it says: We dare you to tear open very carefully. WARNING: MONSTERS INSIDE!!

It also claims to have:

  • Four monster fun fact cards
  • Four stickers
  • Ghoulish games
  • One Monster In My Pocket action figure

    If you couldn't guess already, the stickers and the cards are of the four good monsters from the cartoon. The M.I.M.P. action figure was a now rare Series 3 figure (#73-80 ?). You could get 10 coupons for $1, each one good for one M.I.M.P. pack with any purchase or one free kiddie burger 'n' fries.

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    Info take from http://members.tripod.com/~mimp_team/bigboy/index.html

    Image and info by Andrew Sylvester

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